Do you want to improve your health? To feel less stressed and more relaxed?

Are you interested in a quick, simple, natural way to live a better life?

Did you realize we spend 95% of our busy, modern lives indoors – at an office or in our homes?

Stress is an unwelcome guest in our lives. I know from experience. I was once so stressed, my doctor checked for a brain tumor to explain my symptoms. Scary. As stress accumulates, its damaging effects on our minds, bodies, and well-being also multiply.

That's where nature’s art comes in.

In your home. In your office. Indoors. 

A growing body of scientific research is showing how indoor exposure to images from nature restores us. Bring nature inside, and science says you’ll foster your body’s own restorative function. The time we spend indoors is a huge opportunity for us to be intentional with indoor nature exposure. Let your eyes drink in nature's beauty. Rest in knowing that your body and mind are being nurtured by nature. 

That’s a beautiful thing.

Let's get specific. Sylva Nature's art has these beneficial affects on your health and wellness: reduced stress hormones, reduced perceived fatigue and stress, reduced blood pressure and heart rate, higher pain tolerance, improved mental focus, improved mood. 


Simply by looking at the art, you have a micro restorative experience. Each time you let your eyes fall on the art, real physiological changes happen in your body. Some changes happen in a matter of a few seconds. You might be able to observe some of them. Other changes are imperceptible, but you can rest assured they are happening. Many studies have measured these effects on our bodies and minds.


Art from Sylva Nature is beneficial for cultivating wellness and a calm, inviting atmosphere in any space where you or people you care about will see it often.

  • PRIVATE HOMES: You, your family members, & guests

  • BUSINESS OFFICES: Employees, vendors & clients

  • UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS: Teachers, staff, & students

  • HEALTH CARE OFFICES & HOSPITALS: Patients, visiting families and friends, vendors, health care workers, & staff



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